Crashes and the attitude of the developers

Build: 38862
Platform: Steam
Operating System: Windows 10

Good evening. Developers, why does the game crash? And before the update 38862, it did not crash once. And with this stupid update crashes periodically, and in any mode. Why are updates released every 3-6 months? What’s the problem with fixing all the errors? In Age 2, can you? I understand that Age 1 is not commercially profitable, but this is not a reason to spit on those who bought this game. I’m sorry, but that’s what you’re doing right now. I’ve almost won a net game now, and my game is crashing. Well, how to respond to this? Players try to post problems, but the developers pretend to hear us, and in fact do not fix anything. Animation of an armored elephant is worth a lot. That’s the problem with fixing it?! I’ll never believe that people who work at Microsoft don’t know how to do this. Created a game and can’t fix it? Agree, this is absurd.

Sorry, but it’s already boiling.


i hope they can make an option to resume the game after crash/disconnect

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That would imply auto-saving just before crashes happen, which would be hard if not impossible.

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It’s only Age 1. MS doesn’t care it.


Other games like dota or lol allow resumes after DC, I think it is not impossible. I think devs just have no incentive to add more functions to the game.


Dota 2 and LoL are modern games. AoE1:DE is not. To develop such a feature would be a huge challenge for the devs, probably, considering AoE1 is a game from 1997.

AoE 2 allows that too. AoE:DE is build in 2017 and it is so embarrassing that MS doesn’t add that modern functions. So impressive the new graphic is but functionally they didn’t nothing.


By the way, additionaly to the new update for AoE2, a special feature of Improvements has been added:

AoE1 fan: “Update, what?”

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