Crashes are still happening!

As the title say crashes are still happening and this is fu. ridicolus. The game just close for NO REASON AT ALL or others times is the desync. Sometime it is me, sometime is my team mates and sometimes is the enemy. I mainly play treaty and is beyond frustrating crashing after 1 hour long game. How it is possible that crashses still happen after all this time? Why there is not a recconect sistem? Since the day one this is a frequent problem and is still not fixed. I don’t care about lesser bugs, new civ, content ecc i just want the game to be stable and this should be your top priority above evrything else. I swear if this wasn’t my favorite RTS i would have already uninstalled.


I agree, the devs really should hold back on adding new content until they can get their game in order. I had a game yesterday where i was china vs Sweden and after a long age 2 war I made it into his base and starting killing his whole army and villagers, victory was just a minute away then boom, my game starts saying connection lost attempting to reconnect I reconnect, the guy says gg and resigns I get the connection lost attempting to reconnect again, then I get connection lost exiting game. And guess what? It counted as a loss breaking my win streak for the day. Can we at least get something where if a player disconnects and is vastly ahead it counts as a win, vastly ahead could be calculated maybe by having more than 3 times the enemy army, or by having a 50%+ score lead. And another thing that’s really stupid is how sucky input delay can be you hate to see it when your having a big fight with your opponent then the input delay kicks in at this key moment meaning you can’t micro for ■■■■ sake this really should be fixed by now, bugs like this should hopefully be fixed soon but I honestly doubt it, feels like every time they fix one bug another pops up and it really sucks i honestly don’t even play much anymore and I would say my average time on the game has been cut in half since I started getting fed up with all these bugs


Just got this popup, gonna post it in case the devs can read it.

A d3d11 error has occurred and the game is forced to terminate. Verify your graphics drivers are up to date. (HRESULT:-2005270523), The gpu device instance has been suspended. Use getdeviceremovedreason to determine the appropriate action.
Reason: the GPU device instance has been suspended. Use getdeviceremovedreason to determine the appropriate action.

For gods sake fix the crashing. I’ve even replaced my memory and am looking for a new PSU and GPU at this point to find something that is compatible with this game.