Hello! My game crashes when i try do the the benchmark for ranked games and sometime it crashes when starting a game in an unranked lobby… When i play with friends online it tends to work most of the time though it crashes sometimes on startup then aswell… Anyone have an idea how to solve this? I have great specs on my computer… :confused:

Please help!


Hi! Have you already tried the steps in this FAQ?

If there’s still crashes happening after trying these steps, then it would be helpful to include a copy of your dxdiag and any game logs.

Doesn’t work. People who installed via XBox (Microsoft Store) have been cheated. I contacted Microsoft to get my money back.
This game is a disgrace for the company. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Yeah iv’e tried all the steps man… Please help, feels bad to have bought the game but not being able to play ranked… Here is my dxdiag…

DxDiag.txt (107.8 KB)

Hey devs, please help… Bump