Crashing on Lan and Multiplayer (since yesterday Dec 28th)

I have been playing AOEDE since the day it was launched, always in LAN mode or Multiplayer never had any issues, yesterday (Friday, Dec 28th) we had the first crash, and after that it has happened over and over again…

Tried all the troubleshooting, trying uninstall and install again as well and nothing.

The issue is not always on the same computer, sometimes mine, sometimes my son’s, sometimes my wife’s. We all have pretty good MS Surfaces, memory was never an issue, so I have no idea what could it be.

Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks,

This is similar to what I experienced this summer on this topic :

I still didn’t manage to find out what’s the cause and to solve it.

What’s strange in your case is that you had never problems until now while I had from the beginning.

Look in your eventvwr ‘Store’ logs to see if error messages give some info.

Good tip…checked in all computers by the time it happened and the message is the same:

“the start type of the xbox live game save service has changed from auto start to demand start”

I am researching now.

Update…I ran the patch file from Microsoft website and just played a full game without crashing…will test again this afternoon.

What patch file ?

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Played another game, 2.5 hours…all good.

Thanks for the link, but how did you find this, and how do you know it’s legit ? (not malware)