Creating Trade Market Routes Using Gather Points (And For Other Buildings Too)

I think that the ability to create a specified route for trade via placing waypoints should be an option, rather than only having the default shortest route between two markets. Reason being.

The route if it has an active conflict, gets affected. By giving us this ability, we potentially can still trade even if a battle is going on.

Even in the real world, alternative trade routes did exist, the penalty was that it took longer. In AOE as well, the penalty would be that it takes longer, but you can still trade!!

Moreover, setting waypoints for newly created troops from gather points will allow us to route them through safer areas, rather than having them walk through possibly a castle or something.

I think it would be an interesting addition to the game. Especially the Diplomacy and large 4v4 matches where the terrain changes drastically all the time.


Good idea! It’s true it is annoying not to be able to avoid a conflit zone.

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That would be great, I have seen what you ask on C&C and is a great tool to have.

how crazy would it be to gain gold from destroying the cart that actually has gold. It would incentivize people protecting their trade routes. I actually want a trade cart or cog unit that can shoot back.