Crenellations vs Artillery

With the Turk’s Artillery tech’s stone cost changed to wood- should Teutons’ Crenellation tech’s stone cost take a similar route?

Yes, yes it should. Also murder holes

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Because Turks don’t have eo bonus and gunpowder is their main strenght, why that tech was soo difficult to research when it costed almost as much as aonther castle? when you can save stone for bombard towers

No, never, you just make castle drops almost OP lol

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Idk, I find stone easier to get than food in early castle age. Teutons get free, instant murder holes and their castle drops don’t seem particularly strong. Sicilians or Spanish can tough to stop, or Franks that will drop 3-4 of them in a

If you want more justification, Eupseong also costs food and wood for more range on stone defensive buildings.

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No. Crenellation is already great tech in Arena.
It totally nullify enemy BBC without Turks, which is really huge. this tech should cost stone for balance.
I honestly think artillery now cost too low. 500 stone was absurd for sure. But I feel like it should be adjusted like 200 or 250 stone. It also gives huge advantage in BBC war, and Turks already have HP bonus before that. Those techs should cost stone for some balance

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No, artillery buff was already a blunder in my opinion, it’s very underpriced for how strong it is and how strong turks are in closed maps. I hope they don’t make the same mistakes with crenellation.