Cross-Resources Custom Map (it's cool, not the snowy kind)

Hi to everyone, i want to share to you, my first definitive edition custom map, it’s quite interesting i think, it can be 2vs2(as intended) or if you want to try also free for all:

But let me just be the game designer here!
What make this map fun? This is what everyone have been wondering in the theater
Well it’s aggressive and also “territorial”, so you should not forget to castle’em/flush ahead of their resources.
Second: you need to move a lot your villagers. Some stretching it’s necessary to be able to flee from enemies army am i right?

So: it’s a map where there is a lot of potential hurries and dynamism (if that the correct word)
After i’ll go in a deeper and nerdy explanation eheh.
If you want to play it, just tell me if it possibile to link something or to share in a safe way, anyways you find me in the forum, or in game as “Hdrav”

Now just let’s analyze the element in a more deep way

those fancy letters… what’s the point right?
Well for everyone asking, NO there’s not too much gold or stone since all the gold and stone far from the center doesn’t start with maximum stock, but less then half… gold only 300/800

Now you can se the letters (that indicate key strategy points) form a star if you draw the lines, and that because it’s quite cool, well also because it just give the right distances and balance.
The grey letters are just to indicate that are the same type of strategy key point than the black counterparts.

D-POINT: (i don’t give a skirmisher of the alphabetic order)

  • this is the point that can end the match in its infancy. Free food, no farming, a looot of berries that connect two player that can be enemies. (everytime i played were enemies)
  • usually playing aggressive or tower rushing can be crucial
  • there are also pools of water with fresh fish, to be taken, but that more of a C-POINT part.
  • hold your fears, you will find some ships and ducks so it’s not all lost if you lose early the battle to this key-point.


  • the line of gold go “quickly” to the center, but it’s shorter, well the center is way richer of gold
  • the line of stone go “slowly” to the center, but it’s longer so you’re more ripared from the eventuality of a militar enemy rush to the center.

B-POINT: (the opposite of A)

  • the line of gold go “slowly” excetera excetera…
  • the line of stone go “fast” excetera excetera…

C-POINT: (the center of the map, the late game carnage)

  • i even need to explain? gold with stock of 950 and a looot of stone. it’s very very important to have a slice of it in the end game
  • water from two different sides, you can choose the approach of building a fleet to scare people off from your half of the center (the fact that the 2 water pools are not connected is a design choice, to avoid that who has the super fleet controls ALL the center because of the ships fire)

Strong civs i think are:
Japanese: (in the start, in the A and B points can build the line of mill required to collect berries with a total of wood way cheaper, then they can even try to use their fishing ships)
Celts: strong castle and siege= you can’t take my land.
Mongols: always good to scout rush the mills or to spot sneaky moves by enemies
Berbers: for the speed of the villagers, that’s a lot useful when you need the wood and can’t afford to many mills (ok i got that it’s a forced choice but let’s show some love).

the rest is up to you who (the majority) can play way better than me, let me know what you think!