Can anyone recommend any other forums where players post constructive threads on strats and metas. I have a deep love for RTS games and enjoy the nitpicking of which units beat which and sharing overall tips on a competitive level. Just seems the official forums are a cesspit for all the ungrateful crybabies who feel the developers owe them the earth and constantly whine.

Basically are the people that actually enjoy the game and understand that it posting somewhere else? Tia


You will have difficulty finding a forum like the one you describe and if you do it will become the same as most others as soon as it becomes popular.

As it stands this is likely one of the better ones as it takes a little effort to get in.

My best advice is to be the one to do the thing, bring that positivity, find the strats and talk about them here them here etc etc. Such work builds upon itself I think, either way best of luck i hope you find what your looking for.


I’d be happy to compliment the game if it deserved it

This game was release in a terrible state = community big mad


I played a lot of halo wars 2 and the official forums there were very healthy and constructive. I watch a lot of the tournament aoe4 play rn but would be nice to discuss rather than wet your pants because “the khans too op” or some other rubbish I’ve read :woozy_face::upside_down_face:

Lol, I feel the same way sometimes. But really the only other options I know of are the AOE IV discord and AOEIV subreddit. Both of those are generally better in that they have decent gameplay topics and discussion from people who play it regularly.


Instead of posting a new strategy discussion thread, you opened this one. Welcome to the majority.

Anyway, as Delhi, wall like mad and work toward siege, sort of like every other Civ, but with easier walling and elephants, sometimes.


I was asking about other forums not opening a strategy thread

I got clapped the other day by a Delhi men and Dumbos castle age push.

I was to confident with my double TC.

But anyway, I think a lot of the complaints stem from ladder anxiety, It can make people feel like the mogols are their only option.

And while this does represent a civ imbalance I find that copping the elo hit and playing the civs you enjoy makes the game more fun AND makes for a play style that can adapt to patch’s and changes.

For example players who were too reliant on that old TC rush bug probably didn’t adapt well to the balance patch and missed out in the end because all the time they were playing they neglected to practise just… playing normally.


But anyway im a Rus main, I’m trying to get even more aggressive then I have been but my own walling is more limited despite our wood walls are better then most.

Im trying to learn other civs, English, French and Delhi in order to exploit their strengths on different map types.

It seems, from this,

That you were asking for a place to discuss strategies and metas. This forum is such a place, if you want it to be.

Ladder anxiety is hard to get over for some players, especially when Civ pick matters more than it should.

As far as I see on Twitch streams by the top players, they all wall for dear life as Rus.

English and French aren’t nearly as fun to play as Delhi, but I should probably learn them at some point as well to avoid being left in the dark as time goes by.

Feel the same frfrfrfrfrfr

Discord is the best place to discuss strategy and topics other than “bad game” “unit op” “devs suc” etc…

How about you start with yourself and open up a topic about the stuff you want to be talked or read about?

There are plenty of players that are willing to help and we all love the game in one way or another.
No point in calling ppl names here.


I play english main and delhi constantly stomps me in castle/imp with their elephants. Even if i have heavy spear army, they still just push through, elephants are too strong and need to take extra damage from springalds like all other seige units…

I think we’re in dire need of an in-vitro test
(Is that the correct usage of the term?)
“13th century springald Vs armored elephants”

This will require a real battle in which one side employs well trained war elephants in historically accurate armor with the goal of demolishing a historically accurate stone castle.
The second team with historically accurate spearman and springalds, equal in total economic cost to the war elephant team, will try to stop this destruction from occurring.
Have at it!

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I guess that for your problem is possible to create new category on forums but i have no idea for what if strats and metas you can watch on youtube or just watch replays of progamers like BeastyQT inside game.

I really don’t find Mongols to be that unbalanced tbh. They can no longer tower rush as effectively since the last patch. I find English an easy counter to them personally.

EGCTV YouTube channel is currently posting high level tournaments with all the big names atm

I endorse the real life application test suggested here


I do think they are noticeably unbalanced, especially at the top and bottom of the ladder, their tower rush was nerfed from near impossible to deal with to… well normal tower rush.

This all being said I think peoples impression of them is greatly elevated by fear, Personally at my level (average) I find mongol players are good raiders but can be pretty bad at dealing with raids themselves.

Outside of spending their stone on double producing they have fewer tools for dealing with being attacked outside of spending precious stone.