This is good insight and I’d agree, mongols are super weak if you flip their game on top of them, especially if yourush their oovoo

I don’t get this.
Do you really expect any sort of reasonable help when you insult the community you’re actually asking? Or is it just also venting about something you are not happy with? Probably the latter, as any reasonable person would just use google or at least be not so obviously emotional towards others if it was really about your question.

I mean, alone the title of the topic. And it’s so funny how people like you aren’t able to have any self-reflection in this regard. Let me help you: You think people are complaining and insulting the game because they don’t like it and you then start a thread to complain and insult this place because you don’t like it.

Personally, I prefer the straight out flaming and low effort ■■■■■■■■ because they are easy to identify and ignore. But more importantly, I prefer it because they don’t try to add such a pathetic attempt to mask it as some “white knightery”. But in the end, you guys do the ■■■■■■■ same and are at least as disgusting in the way you try to put your ■■■■ above everyone else’s.


Use Reddit! At least you can down vote there…

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Proceeds to whine…


This place is a cesspool, and I’ve stopped visiting it for the same reasons that you mentioned.

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Considering this topic title is surprisingly allowed in the forum these days, I suppose you might find any amalgamation of ungrateful words strung together as permissible and commonplace here; it’s the Internet, after all :slight_smile: I hope you find a good, more positive place to dive deep into the AoE RTS realm, though :smiley:

Surprisingly allowed :thinking::joy: your right, this is the internet. Don’t be so soft

So your evil twin wrote this?


Love how people come on here and say “this place is toxic, and a cesspool” like aren’t you making it worse by coming on here and insulting everyone, and if it’s so bad here why are you posting :man_shrugging:


The only toxic thing on these fourms are posts like these.

At least in other threads we still propose ideas and changes to improve the game.


Insulting everyone lmao🤦🏻‍♂️

Which encourages circle jerking.


That must of taken you a while to type… I read the first paragraph but nodded off. Was asking about other forums but you wrote an essay about something completely off topic :joy:

It’s fine. You proved already my point with this.


You and I have very different impressions of the Halo Wars 2 forum

Go on reddit perhaps?
The devs seem more active there as well lol.


I’m just an objective bystander. The forum guidelines and code of conduct pages say to not name-call, and to treat all forum members with courtesy and respect – among other things. Your OP is un-flaggable and deemed okay… so I did find it surprising, yep :smiley: Objectively, surprised. Subjectively, whatever works! It’s not my forum! :slight_smile:

when the games shiped less then half done this is what you get


Is what happens to official forums when releasing a half-finished mess for premium price.

Also, community managers keep saying in their streams that these are the forums we should go to but they actually hardly ever respond here lol. They’re more active on reddit.


Probably because relic are sick of it as well🙂