Ctrl +Shift +A (Select all archery ranges) hotkey not working

As title suggests, the select all archery ranges hotkey is not working for me. It will allow me to set this as the hotkey (It is the default anyway) but does nothing in game. I have tried mapping to my mouse and that didn’t work either so it seems to be a hotkey issue, not mouse/keyboard. I have changed the hotkey to Ctrl+Shift+B and it works fine so it seems to be this specific key combination not working.

Has anyone else had this issue/ any suggestions?

Got an issue with select all buildings type hotkeys, it wasnt working and even worse I was selling - buying resources without even noticing (11), fixed changing the hotkeys, maybe your issue is some sort of hotkey interference like mine? do you have a market up when hotkey is not working?

I hadn’t tested that tbh. I tested it in a 1v1 where I only made a range. Though I have played a full game with it not working so doesn’t seem to be an issue with the market. It could be hotkey interference but I haven’t changed any keybinds from default except that one to test it. If it was an interference would I be able to actually have that as the keybind? because it lets be have that keybind, but it doesn’t work in the live game