CTRL to drag-select military: New Update 99311

“Already selected units will no longer stay selected when using CTRL to drag-select military. Players can use SHIFT+CTRL if they want to keep existing units selected.”

Does anyone know why this was changed? I used to use CTRL to drag-select military all the time to add military units to the ones already selected. Then I would re-control group my units. Now, there is an addition button of SHIFT which slows down the process. Especially if I’m controlling units and microing, this addition step makes it harder and slower to get my units regrouped.

Does anyone else have this problem and wish it would be changed back to just CTRL instead of SHIFT+CTRL for quicker and simpler gameplay?

I think it’s because it was unintended, ctrl should only change the fact that the units were military and shift changes the fact that they are added instead of replace your current selection

What I do to add units to control groups is I select the new units and use shift+number to add them to the control group, I think this is the simpler method

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I’m so glad to add this change because I can do both “building the first house even I select vils & sc (don’t need ALT key)” and “selecting only military near vils”.