Culverin Should Have a 'Only Fire On Command' Stance

Culvrin take 6 seconds to reload and often end up wasting their shot of random targets. When you need them to shoot the enemy cannons they have to reload.

For this reason (and random packing up), culvrin have to be looked after like children. It makes perfect sense to be able to tell them to hold their fire and only fire on command.

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In fact, every unit needs a No Attack stance, like how Aoe2 does.

Ships and Artillery also need Stand ground stance.

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While were at it, they should decouple stances from formations so we don’t have to form squares just to have your units stay in the vicinity of an area. Also add stances to ships and artillery, I freaking hate when my light cannons/flaming arrows, leather cannons etc. spot some scout and decide to follow him across the map while I’m busy with eco when there’s no fight going on.