Cuman improvment

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It will be more fun and better balanced if:
Feudal second town center is build as fast as a normal town center
No Loom for them

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No Loom? That would be severe damage in the Feudal Age. That is not a good idea

If it was, no one would nerf that speed in the first place…

Cumans are good as they’re now. Maybe they should buff (or de-nerf) the steppe lancer. It was too heavily nerfed


Feudal Cuman TC are very slow to build, it’s like chinese start bonus. It’s great but not insane. A normal speed build tc for cuman is too powerful that is why it is very slow to build it.

Cuman Feudal TCs built at regular speed during the beta, it was insanely overpowered, enough that it got nerfed twice before release, this should not be reverted.

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I think the kipchak should be stronger and not the steppe lancer. The kipchak got nerfed so much that I don’t think it’s worth making it anymore.

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Agreed, the Steppe Lancer needs a bit of a buff now (maybe faster rate of attack and the collision as before) - just saying

Neither the steppe lancer I think. Yeag, it’sa quiack option, but at the end, it’s nos as viable as knight line. Should get a more specific use. And yeah, kipchaks could yous a buff aswell.

Off course, small buffs. Nothing too wild

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I’ve seen Steppe lancers being more used than knights in pro Cuman games, even after the nerf. In this vid at 1:58:38 you see them razing a castle that was only accessible from 1 side. The same number of paladins couldn’t have attacked the castle in such an efficient way. And kipchaks have still a lot going for them: 0 frame delay + Cuman speed boost = perfect hit and run, having an elite upgrade that costs 0 gold, being much less gold intensive than normal CA, 0 bonus melee attack on arrows (ie.they melt rams) and remain somewhat ok vs high pierce armor (not as good as Chu ko nu but still good). Then again, I see people using kipchaks and not CA even tho said CAs benefit from Steppe Husbandry.

imho kipchaks (along with cummans are good) but only at much higher skill levels. for lower skill levels the micro required is too high to fully leverage the bonus of 0 frame delay and the hit n run from kipchaks when they have less or equal range to post imp skirmers even…

they’re not a garbage faction or bonuses, just very hard to maximise without high micro skills… compared to say long bowmen (easy example)

That’s true, however if you get a castle early and use them as a small raiding party it’s manageable. And later in the game, since they cost as much gold as a crossbow, it’s not that bad if they die (and they are bulkier than crossbows)

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