Curious about Koreans bonus

Just out of curiosity, how strong, objectively speaking, would the -15% wood discount be if it applied to all units?

Also would people rather have a -10% wood discount to all units or a -15% wood discount to all except siege?

I’m just wondering so I thought I’d ask.

Welp, the discount is small because spears, arbs and skirms aren’t that wood intensive in the first place. However it proved to be quite a big buff to the Korean naval game (and made them an actual naval civ) and to the War wagon. The wood bonus doesn’t apply to siege likely because Korean SO are so strong.

Well, I preffer the way it is. Tech doesn’t cost that much wood (except economic ones, but that’s, luckily, vietnamese ground right now), on the other hand having a bigger discount on expensive units is great (as Cactus said, Turtle ships and war wagons are really good stuff)

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So it seems people like -15% wood without siege than -10% wood with siege. I mean SO are pretty expensive anyway so I don’t know how many of them you could feasibly make. Plus that would be pretty late game where most likely you have decent eco.