Current campaign difficulty

Hello guys, how do you feel about the campaign difficulty? I’ve been playing through blood, ice and steel, and the second set of campaigns. I’ve noticed that usually the AI is very passive, it masses a big bunch of troops but it forgets to attack with it, making most of the missions a breeze.

I think the current AI should be more active and get better unit control. For examlpe, on the last steel mission (the one where you destroy Beamount’s fortress in the Havanna), red only attacks once then completely forgets about making an army, making this mission a breeze after repelling the first attack.

Thank you for reading this, feel free to share your own campaign experience

I was about to complain for the same issue.

I bought the game just for playing the campaing and it is being very boring. The AI never attacks and it feels like playing alone. I hope they solve this problem soon.


In a standard match, the extreme AI would spend more than 12 minutes to reach Age3 … really too slow too passive. Experienced players can easily win extreme AI without any challenge. I don’t think this is what the designers want :joy:

Vanilla AI was like this. Warchief and specially TAD campaigns were a little bit more difficult, specially TAD. Nothing to compare with SC2, for example

I finished the first campaing and the AI is very disappoing. I’ll wait some mounths to play the campaigns again. I want to have a better challange, especially the campaigs i do like more, for example: Lakota and Japanese.

Ai in campaign really needs some work the last mission in Blood, Ice and Steel was too easy, allied AI pretty much wiped out entire Circle base because Circle army stand still near one of his dock and even when my culverines opened fire they just took it in.

It’s definitely bugged compared to the original campaigns. A good example is Temples of the Aztec (Act I: Blood) where the Spanish AI barely attacks each Temple, which was never the case even on the original’s Standard/Easy difficulty.

Not only is the AI far too passive, but in Saratoga (fifth scenario of Act I: Fire), the Covered Wagon that’s meant to spawn and build up the enemy base plus Forts (a major part of the key win/lose condition here) never appears. You literally cruise through this mission without lifting a finger.

Is the AI in the campaign still bad after last week’s update? At least in skirmishes the AI is much better now.

In that campaign Spanish brough around 10 cannons and destroyed the first temple and every unit i had. Then decided that it was enough and retreated.