Current Production cannot be canceled when HUD size set at 125%

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.32911.0 4395365
  • Platform Steam


When HUD size is set at 125%, buildings cannot cancel the current unit or technology being produced.

Units queued but not in production can be canceled.

It is unknown if this issue exists at other HUD sizes. At 100% and 120% HUD size, this issue does not exist.

Reproduction Steps:

1.a Set HUD size to 125%
1.b After confirming the settings and closing the settings window, open it again to confirm that the HUD size has been properly set to 125%. The number might show 125% when it is first set but if the slider is not dragged all the way to the end, the actual value appears to be floored to 124%.
2. Start Game
3. Start Producing 1 Villager from Town Center
4. Before the the Town Center finishes producing the villager, click the villager icon that is in the production HUD.

Expected Behaviour: The villager stops being produced.
Current Behaviour: Nothing happens on click and the Town Center continues producing the current villager.