Current state of the game and this forum

Greedings Players and Greedings Devs

So this will be my last topic before I will pause this game until there is change.
I would please ask @SavageEmpire566 directly, because I know he is or was active in this offical forum of that game and of course every other offical for posting below and communicate with this points.

Im summarising now the feel and the points of my playgroup of 13 people from release to now. Im sadly the only remaining player atm and like I said I will end it now too if there is no change or even more importent NO COMMUNICATION here.

We loved this game very much and we understand thats not easy to make everyone happy.

  1. Balance

Balance is a huge topic and its a hard way to get to a good spot but there are several points were we cant get ur point because we dont know the aim from the Dev-team.

In which way wants the dev-team balance the game? Should there be clear favorite civs for each maptype or should all civs be playable on each maptype with decent ups and downs on specific maps? Should there even a balance in teamgames with the diffrent maptypes and civs? Because atm there is clearly none.

For example one team plays on dry arabia a team out of englisch+french+mongols and is facing some people with different picks because of there liking. Is it the wish of the dev-team that the other team will get crushed in the early stages of the game only because of the civ picks?

When we would have the opinion how the game should be played we could learn it the way its meant to be played but we dont know it atm and the gamestate isnt allowing to pick ur civs or playstil as free as u want or u will get crushed.

The example of the dry arabia civ picking can be transfered to other cases ofc like a matchup on hill and dale with a more bunkery composition or be cutted down to 1vs1 ofc. The civs are having a huge influence on the balance on equal skillratings and the big question here is “are the devs wanting that we´re picking always optimal here?” Please share ur philisophy there!

  1. Bugs and Abusers

Bugs are normal in a complex and new aka fresh game but there are still bugs inside the game were one player can easy break the game and waste more than 1 hour of there enemy/s time. This is a game and should be worth my time and shouldnt frustrate my friends to leave and go back to other RTS titels.
We started with stonewall abuses and got over spearbracing issues that the countering aka rock paper sissor system broke to now a animation cancling meta to even abuse bugs to win games.

I personaly know a lot of bugs and reported here a lot of them but my philisophy is not to abuse them. We heared nothing from u how ur opinion is on that. Is it okay to use everything to get a edge about ur openent? or should we be all on a equal playing field and call it fair? I can train myself to get the animation cancling right if its ur thinging of being good but please tell us. And what is with people that even using 3rd party programms to break the game literaly when they going to lose in ending the game with no result. Is this okay for u?

We reported over 30 games with drophackers and Im still runing into them. It is frustrating to see this and Im thinking why would u even include a reporting system when its not working ur u even not care about it?

  1. Communication

I thing when u read until now u will know now what is coming.

Please share with us ur thoughts about ur future plans and wishes about the game!
It feels senseles to post here something because 90% of the answers here in the forum will be answers of even frustrated people and I understand it.
Ur even forgetting to notice server maintenance or balance changes here in the forum and Im not hoping for a answer from a offical below this post. This is written straight out of my hearth but wont be answered by someone who can give me answers about it. I dont know how many hours I spend in that game and im over 700 games atm.

So Im begging for sharing ur philisophy with us here. Its the offical forum at least…

Im thanking everyone who was a part of the good games I had in this game and im not talking about the bad ones because we dont even know if there are abusers or players that are only optimizing right.

Maybe we will see us sometime again in a good match :wink:

I will read this post and hoping for a offical reply here but my hopes arnt high.

best greedings

m4x :wink: