Current state of the game

So since the new expansion came out I haven’t played the game or bought the new expansion, I am waiting for all the weird bugs that were introduced to get sorted out first. So what is the current state of the game, have these been fixed yet? I am a bit out of the loop… is the game utterly broken?

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The game is playable if you have a decent pc with updated drivers. The game utterly broken is exaggerated.

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Well, that’s the thing, many people claim the game crashes or lags for them but I haven’t had a single crash since (I have bought the DLC). The only weird issues I experience are that buildings in MP sometimes disappear or that the menu UI loads a bit slower(and this was a pre-DLC patch) but that’s not what I consider ‘broken’. It is true that the balance is a bit wonky but I don’t think it’s that bad - it’ll get tweaked, it’s not the end of the world.

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hmmm really? So people can’t jsut walk through walls or build multiple castles on top of each other? lol

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Idk if this is a troll post but I never faced those issues since launch. 11

I believe both wall things were fixed but the castle issue remains afaik.

Game is playable, there are some bugs but they are “minor” (Turtle ships doesnt make damage to docks, diagonal gates dont work, and in sometimes your own vills disappear from LOS but this one is really weird). Crashes, are still very often in certain situations, and Burgundians UU works weird.

Well I am offended you think this is a troll post, I never post anything trolly and it was a genuine question… I was under the impression these bugs were widely known about.

Wow those are some nasty bugs though.

Have you yourself experienced the issues you mentioned and reported in the Report a Bug section?

As I stated… I haven’t played the game since the new expansion came out, hence this whole post…

Well, compared with older patchs, this one its ok. It not perfect, but its not terrible either.

If you haven’t played., which platform did you see these issues especially that build multiple castles on top of each other… how can that not be a troll post? I’ve checked just now regarding the matter, no issues you spoke of exist.


You want to stop calling me a troll now?

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Catzor is really broken, can the devs please fix it? It is the only cheat unit that is useful on water maps since Cobras can’t cross oceans.

I never consider you a troll but rather the post about the multiple castle shenanigans, those are really obnoxious issues out there. See the game is playable and is not the point of utterly broken. Perhaps I’m one of the few who haven’t faced any of the rare issues you mentioned as shown in the videos. The DLC campaigns are excellent and highly recommended if you like the campaigns.


Aaaaanyway, each to their own, I personally prefer to wait until these bugs are sorted before jumping into ranked games. So I’ll wait for now…

For me, the new DLC/Patch COMPLETELY broke the game.
I cannot play a single match anymore, neither skirmishes, campaigns nor MP. It always crashes latest at 15 vils.
To be fair, I have a 2013 laptop that isn’t beefy at all and run it with windows 8.1, which isn’t the recommened OS. But the game ran decently fine until the DLC/Patch came out and now it is impossible for me to play.
The support wasn’t helpful at all, basically telling me to f off with my old A55 OS.
I really hope this is gonna get fixed soon.


These things are barely useable in real games. Not really game breaking. I wouldnt be surprised if these things are still in the game when the next patch is released.

The real game breaking bugs, like the lithuanian relic bug are already be hotfixed.

Been playing a lot, game is awesome, dont know about those bugs, and if the castle one is real, is just stupid anyway thats no breaking the game lol, we play every night, usually about 10 12 people online waiting for some one to leave so they can hop in, so what im saying i have feedback from a lot of active players and no one complains about anything, balance seems to be pretty good also, even with the new civs they are not broken like they said, yes costeliur or whatever the name is is “interesting” but dont think op, i haven seen a game where they wipe with them. I think paladins take care of them easily, you should just play the game, its funny how people are so negstice that even when they are not having issues they better dont play it because they are sure the game is broken after an update, just gice it a try