Current state of the game

Problems do exist, if you do not see many people complaining here (There are pretty high number of them), maybe it is because they already give up on game after almost 10 days of no fix. It happens to everyone, random people with random PC-s, from High End to Low End. If you want to see more moaning, more people complaining about crashes, out of sync games, high CPU/GPU usage in game and in Menu, just visit an AOE group on Reddit and picture will be much clearer :).

As for Coustillier not being OP, just check this part of the game from Viper vs Hera and things will be much clearer :):

Check the score, and Hera decided to delete all of his units, because he knew what is happening and how the fight will finish, and how Coustillier can one hit, yes one hit CA and all Archery Range units. Check Hera clips about Coustillier, he made a few of them. Maybe it is not broken on 500-1000 ELO, but it is certainly broken, especially because of “Double damage” on all archer units.

So, game has issues for many people. Others can play it and enjoy it, especially if they don’t play it that often. Still, those that are having issues have right to be mad, especially when they paid for the game, and it turns out, that after last DLC and Patch, they can’t play it on High End PC-s.

As for you, you can try it yourself, maybe it will work, maybe not, it depends on your PC, but judging by other people comments here, as well as on other forums, sometimes PC has nothing to do with it, and errors/crashes happen because of other issues that are not connected to user, and are connected to the game and coding/bugs/errors.

Can only play the game currently with 1 core, multi-core = Crash, 1 core = 10fps, 2 core = 80fps+crash

It depends man, basically you need to be lucky enough to not have issues, you might have played a year without issues but suddenly you have them now and the next patch you will never know if it will get better or worse.

I have had issues ever since the anniversary patch and things haven’t got any better, i have on stream recorded while playing the campaigns 4-5 crashes at every single level of the burgundians or sicilians campaigns, but not a single crash in multiplayer, but i have weird lag after getting to the next age that maylast for 20 seconds in multiplayer.

You really need to try it out, as for the bugs they partially fixed most of them, still the OP coustillier dealing x2 damage to archer units and placing foundations over buildings if you haven’t explored.


For me its the other way round. Had a lot of issues last Spring (10 minute disconnect bug etc…), but since anniversary only bad performance (since on the lower end of PCs I am fine with it). But the performance is going down with every patch a bit. Would be lovely if one could use the old (CD edition) sprites. Guess that would help the lower end players a lot… I am not playing Aoe2 for its graphics obviously

I never had crashes before this patch. Now, 3/4 games that I played has crashed.

The castle thing is a bit hard to actually replicate but that wasn’t the one I was really worried about so much I just mentioned it for the lols but the fact that units could just walk through enemy walls is pretty much game breaking so I wanted to know if that was fixed or not before playing… then there was the relic bug with the Lithuanians and some others I dont remember off the top of my head now…

And there is also this stupid mangonel bug too:


This video made my day LOL