Custom Campaign cannot show like the official campaign

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Custom Campaign cannot show like the official campaign even the documents are same.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. I open one of the official campaign like Tariq.I’ve never played before,showing image NO.1 below(Only the first scenario can be seen)
  2. I copy the series of Tariq campaign(include aoe2campaign document,slide json and layout json) and create a custom campaign mod to paste them in it.
    3.Open the custom campaign mod and play the pasted Tariq campaign as the custom campaign,showing image NO.2(All 5 scenarios can be seen without playing through anyone of it)

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Like the situation before,custom campaign must play through the former scenario and succeed to victory,then the next scenario will be seen and shown like the official campaign.

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Image NO.1:

Image NO.2:

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@DodoNotDoDo @Felizon89 Help me quickly,it was a big bug!

@Felizon89 Hi, the official,why don’t you appear,I wanna you to solve this problem!!!


Sounds more like an issue with your mod / custom campaign.

No it’s true. It always happen with custom campaigns. As soon as you download them you can access all scenarii from the beginning without ever playing them to advance.

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I’ll add this post I made in heavengames

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So i understood the topic name completly wrong, and it should more be like
" When adding a custom campaign, all Official campaigns are unlocked. "

It means the custom campaign with more than one scenarios unlock all scenarios when it subscribed first time. Please check! @DrMaxy4142 @Felizon89

No reply until now???The officials must be quickly, it is a very big problem!!!

The team is aware of this issue :slight_smile:

Custom campaign scenarios were not unlocked when using a savegame if you could not beat the previous scenario in one playthrough. I think unlocking all scenarios in custom campaigns was a workaround for this bug, about which there were some complaints before.

Please quickly update,it is a serious problem!

I reported it to the team, but I’m afraid I can’t provide an ETA.