Custom Campaign mods not publishing

Tried several times, under different names. Not sure if this is a problem on my end or an issue with the game. Error message just says “Mod failed to Publish” or “Error: Unknown.”

Looking through here, I see other people have this same issue at different times, but cannot find a cause or solution anywhere.

Any help is appreciated

@DodoNotDoDo Another person having trouble publishing mods. Also it would be good if error messages would be more descriptive.

Around when were you trying to publish and what is the mod called? I can check the logs. I did see one failing yesterday due to inappropriate content, but don’t know if it’s yours. Sometimes some images get flagged as inappropriate when they’re not.

I’ll be updating errors on the web site. I’ll have to check how they’re handling them in game.

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I’ve been trying since yesterday but first attempt would’ve been between 8 and 9 pm. Title would be “abubakari the seafarer”

Thanks :slight_smile: