Custom Campaign-Republic of Genoa

Anyone played the custom campaign - Republic of Genoa? The ninth and final scenario, on hard, is really tough. Any advice on this one would be appreciated. Thanks

There are gameplay videos on you tube so might want to see how they do it.

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Thanks. There is only one that I have found – The Republic of Genoa 9: The Last Prosperous Glow (Chinese Version) - YouTube But it’s very informative with respect to the order of upgrades etc. But of course the crux is always in the execution! There is no “cheesing” this one. lol.

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I have a problem, i can play first campaign but when i start second it shows error.

Can you help me? Love your campaigns…

I’m gonna post a non Answer, sorry, but this doesn’t seem the very first time someone posts this kind of bug. Maybe you can scour the forum and see if someone has come up with a solution

Ilam8788 fixed it, Thank you @ilam8778 we love you!!! :heartpulse:

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