Custom Campaign : The Spartan war against Xerxes

Hey guys,
I just wanted to share a custom Campaign I made many years ago on Rise of Rome. I recently reworked it a lot, added scenarios and translated it in English for a DE release.

Here is the link :

This campaign of 18 scenarios relates the second Persian invasion of Greece from a Spartan perspective, from Marathon to Plataea. Convince other Greek cities to take part in the conflict, gather your armies and fight against Xerxes alongside Leonidas ! Relive the battles of Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis and Plataea to beat the Persian forces of Xerxes.

Notes :
I made this campaign on the original CD version of Rise of Rome 13 years ago. This was my first and only campaign, mainly based on the “300” movie, and I wanted to have a campaign with many and various objectives in it. I was quite young, and some maps needed a strong rework.
When I finally bought AoE DE, I decided to adapt my old campaign and share it with other players. I corrected many errors, worked on historicity, added new scenarios for historical battles, rewrote the main story, tried to balance the difficulty and also translated it in English (I’m not native english speaker, there will be some errors!). You might also spot differences between old and new scenarios.
I wish you to have fun, and don’t hesitate to give me feedbacks on Steam (on the dedicated discussion topic) !

I strongly need feedback, any positive or negative one is important for me. You can do it here, or in the Steam discussion here :

Lord Ced

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