Custom lobby Nomad does NOT need a Treaty

I have played nomad team game with friends for the better part of the last decade. During this time, we formulated rules that made the experience most fun for everyone. We already had a set of rules dictating TC wars, vill fights, etc. An important part of nomad is not only finding out where the enemy is, but also knowing when the enemy doesn’t know about you.

Information is a bigger part of nomad than any other map. Having a big square box around your tc location significantly changes the gameplay and dynamics of the map, and makes it a less strategic experience, since basically every single game, an enemy can know about your position even if you didn’t see their villager walk by. You’ll never know whether you are hidden or not.

The identity of nomad has already been totally mutilated by your careless changes in the past. Please remove the treaty from the nomad .rms script and implement only in the rated. I would prefer it to be in neither, but in the custom lobby, the treaty is completely unnecessary and ruins much of the fun.

The lack of treaty ruins nomad in a lot of games, because people either don’t know, or don’t care about the traditional etiquette. It would be a reasonable compromise if it could be turned off for custom lobbies, or was off by default for lobbies, and could be turned on.

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The Nomad treaty is defined in the map script, so a custom Nomad map (such as from the mod center) that doesn’t include this would not have a treaty at the start of the game.


@Chesqin great tip bro that helps me a lot

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I think the square box should exist but be invisible. If you wanted to place a TC next to another person it simply would not work. The square is there but you wouldn’t see it. :crazy_face:

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That would be actually very nice indeed, thus you wouldn’t know there was a TC there unless you tried to build something. And I don’t think people would suddenly try to build houses everywhere just to find out.

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How about instead of forcing the treaty on for no reason… you just, I don’t know, give the host the choice to have a treaty on/off which worked perfectly fine previously?

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That doesn’t work for ranked, which is a more important place to encourage good sportsmanship though, because lobbies are often people who already know each other.

I know it doesn’t work for ranked. Nomad isn’t even in the ranked pool half the time. There is no good reason that the custom lobby experience should suffer because the treaty might work better in ranked. And as I stated previously, I would much prefer no treaty to a big box surrounding my tc even in a ranked match with unknown opponents.

Just download a version of Nomad that doesn’t have it if your problem isn’t with ranked

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There are loads of settings that can be selected in lobbies but that are fixed in ranked, though. I don’t see what makes this any different.

Could you at least give us the possibility to disable it in Singleplayer. I really hate Nomad now considering I exactly know where my enemies are even though I shouldn’t see them.

Also, and I know this was the main intent for this change, but if I’d want to villager fight vs AI, could you please give me the possibility to do that instead of being forced to a treaty I don’t want?

Also, and that’s slightly off-topic, but I really liked pre DE nomad which was way more random and also allowed some inner lakes/seas. Now, Nomad is just Coastal without a starting TC it seems which is kinda lame.

Ok, I just played my first game of nomad, as a short experiment, and I personally think that the solution, is to keep the no vil fighting, but get rid of the orange box. However, this should be done in a certain way. The orange box should only appear once the player scouts the other persons TC. That way, it stops deliberate Douche strategies, allows for unintentional ones, and doesn’t reveal information the player didn’t already know. I think that that would be the best way to handle it.


You can open the nomad map file, delete the 2-3 lines of code that start the treaty, safe it under a different name and tatds you can play in single player or custom lobbies with nomad without treaty.

Yeah, and the box should also become visible once a player tries to build something inside of it.

I would go one step further. Let them build stuff in it, but as soon as they scout the enemy TC foundation/TC, the box appears, and the area becomes off limits for placing their first TC. After they build their TC, I think the box should disappear, and they can build stuff in it again.