Custom map files are not being shared like before

Whenever you join to any custom game with a (custom scenario) or a (random map script), files aren’t being shared like it was in previous versions of the game. Let’s take for example “CBA”: As some people already noticed whatever you played it online before, you won’t have the map in your game folder.

There’s now a temporal folder in %localappdata%(C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Temp\AOE2DE_Temp) where the scenarios just stay there as long as the game session lasts, after that all custom maps and other files are gone.

Most people for sure still don’t know this and I think it’s not a nice change to have in the game. In my opinion a lot of old custom maps weren’t lost because there was always some guy that had the file in his game folder. Now most of new maps will be lost with this implementation.

This is serious.


I guess developers did this because they were thinking that it’s better and a more organized way to distribute files (only from workshop), and maybe not charge users with a lot of potential useless files in their game folder.
Also with this implementation if the map developer changes something on his map but not its name, now because every time the map is being re download when you join his game won’t cause errors where the files have not the same content.


But if this is the reason, I think there has be an option for players to choose.
Or maybe whenever you download a map from a lobby game, automatically put a full date on its name, to not cause the error (= name / ≠ content).


It’s absolutely a change for the worse. If the idea behind it was to avoid errors of conflicting map files with the same name (which imo even if unchanged would still not be as bad as this “fix”), it should not be that difficult to only use the temporary folder if there is actually a conflict, and not in all cases.


I agree, this really needs to be changed back to the old way, it’s been 3 months and I’d have thought it had gotten changed already. :S especially since now sometimes receiving files at all seems to be an issue, you wouldn’t need to waste time when you would have the map already. Also, because there are maps you cannot subscribe to since no one has uploaded them, you can’t get them to yourself at all so you are always forced to download it again and again.