Custom random should be implemented in 1v1

Let me elaborate.

  1. I know this is random available for 1v1.
  2. However, What I’m proposing is a custom made random button where players can customize which civs are available in a random they choose.

For example, I play 4 civs. English, French, Rus, and HRE.

I would like to be able to have a random button made where I can choose to select those 4 civs. Thoughts?

I would like if you can setup ELO range / or it would automatically use the same one as the normal quick match / for the custom lobby, and it could let you customise further things, as you propose. I can then go and search for a custom game for my level, if I like the configs, can jump in and play with you. Nobody in the quick match should be forced on play with custom configs, but the system might propose those custom games for me, while searching for a game, and I might decide to try that. I think it’s important to match similar skilled people even in custom games, so these can be most fun.

I know it’s not straight forward, since how does 1v1 normal game ELO correspond with a custom game setting… but still would be a big improvement.