Custom scenario transfers inconsistent in multiplayer

Game Version:

  • Build (####)
  • Platform- Steam


custom scenarios are not stored in a consistent location and will not transfer automatically in a multiplayer room

Reproduction Steps:

  1. host a game with a custom scenario
  2. have people join
  3. people cannot ready until file is transfer
  4. file will not transfer

We gotta figure out this scenario transfer stuff. Its requiring people to leave/rejoin a room in order to transfer a scenario. Seems very heavily dependent on the mod subscription functionality, but with the rate at which custom scenarios change this is not a sustainable solution.

1 - scenarios are not stored in a consistent location like they used to be. (HD, AOK/AOC)
2 - transfers are inconsistent, either requires host to spam ready/unready to initiate transfer (works like 25% of the time) or requires a guest to leave and rejoin an undetermined amount of times for the file transfer to begin