Custom scenarios multiplayer lag

Hi, I’ve created a map with AOE II DE. It works nicely on single player mode, but when ever I start it at multiplayer, it starts lagging very much in a weird way. The frames are not dropping, but clicks are not registered. Ai seem to be able to play it just fine.

So if you for example wanna make your villager to build a house, you select the villager, that is registered, and select house, that also is registered, and location, which also is registered, but the last click that would make the villager start building, won’t be registered. So he is just staying there doing nothing. Same goes of course with all the other units such scout also.

(I think it’s somehow server related issue, but it happens every time I start the custom scenario) So far I’ve not tested it with other players but only with Ai on multiplayer and there the problem appears. (no one joined) As said, in single player with Ai it works just fine.