Custom Sound Files in the Scenario Editor Problems

I know how to get sound files to play in the editor. My problem is with the way they are played. I’ll explain what I’ve found with each of the three effects that play sounds.

a) Play sound: This effect has a “set location” option. If you use this, then the sound you play will be fixed to that location. This means that if you move your view away from that location, the sound will get quieter and quieter. If you move the view far enough away, you won’t be able to hear the sound at all. If you move your view back, you’ll be able to hear the sound again. (Note: I’m talking about long sound files such as music pieces. Short sound files may be over before you even have a chance to change the view). If you don’t set a location, then the sound will be fixed to whatever location the player is viewing when the sound gets played.

b) Send chat : This effect works like play sound but without the ability to set location. The sound will be fixed to whatever location the player is viewing when the effect is triggered.

c) Display instructions The sounds played here will not be fixed to any location. The sound will maintain the same volume no matter how you change the view. Unfortunately, I have noticed two problems with this effect. One, the sound will not play unless some text is written in the display instructions box, even if that text is just blank spaces (these blank spaces will show up as a blank dialogue box on the screen when the effect activates). Two, while the sound is playing, no other display instructions will show up on the screen. If you play a 2 minute piece of music, for example, no display instructions will be able to show up on screen for two minutes.

The end result of these problems is that it is almost impossible to have custom music in a campaign, as the music will either be tied to a specific location or will prevent further display instructions from working. I’m hoping there’s a solution I haven’t figured out yet to these problems. That’s why I put it under ask for help rather than report a bug.

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