Customizable Explorers Taken Away

I’ve griped about this recently but I am going to do it here because I am super angry about it. I have done the entirety of the Chinese New Year challenges, the Women’s Month ones, and the Spring challenges, and I had full excess to Lizbeth Ramsey, Ada Lovelace, Laochen, Captain Huang, the Heroic Spanish villager (who is based of Maria Pita I think), and the Flamenco dancer. Laochen, Ada, and the dancer have been REMOVED from my game. They have little locks over them, despite me doing them.

The loss of Laochen makes no sense because he was a prerequisite to getting Captain Huang. I will attach a photo.

I’m a China main so I want access to Laochen again. Really not happy about this. Anyone have any idea how to get around it or how to get like, them patched back in. I am out of ideas. I restarted my PC, I tried a clean boot, yadda yadda, out of ideas.