Customizable hotkeys

It’s weird there needs to be a topic about this obvious feature, but recently I have tried Company of Heroes 2 and Dawn of War 3 (Relic’s last 2 games) and shockingly enough, there was no such feature!
You are forced to play the way the developers thought you need to play. If you have a condition with your hands and can’t hit the F keys or you can’t use the grid style with ease, well good luck to you because you can’t reconfigure the keys! In a real time strategy game…

I can’t stress this enough, it is of paramount importance in a game like AoE to be able to reconfigure your keys. Much of the work is done from the many keys on the keyboard.

So, please, developers, do not omit simple features like these, I don’t think they are that hard to program. You can’t force the players to play a strategy game like AoE, which relies on many hotkeys, only the way you imagine it should be played.

Edit: I remember a Relic post from a while ago where they had an AoE2 tourney internally and you could see in one of the pictures they posted that only one developer/Relic-staff was using the keyboard hotkeys from about 6 or 8 other in the picture, the others were just using the keyboard by holding their left hand on the arrow keys to move the camera.
Now I know that a developer doesn’t necessarily need to be a good RTS player and know how to move the camera properly so they can have the hand which is not using the mouse able to use the actual hotkeys, and I know they don’t really need to know how to properly play an RTS themselves, but they are developing for an audience which does and requires such features.
Oh, there was no color blind option either in the Relic games mentioned above! Another needs-to-be-there feature which was omitted…
I’m surprised they didn’t get heavily criticized for this and didn’t patch them in the game at a later date either. It can actually be discriminating towards some people.