Cut Content/Features (+ details on my WIP mod for Latin American Spanish language)

So, I started creating a mod for the game that essentially fixes (or aims to fix) some of the issues in translations from English to Spanish (Mexico), among other Quality of Life changes in the text-on screen interface.

It turns out that, in my tour of the file strings.txt belonging to the Spanish language of Mexico, I found, between spelling and typing errors, something that was very interesting to me: battle formations, and positions of attack and defense, among other things, such as units and buildings that were later excluded/left behind.

Specifically, the text that caught my attention contained the following lines:

19302, "Horde"
19303, "Box"
19304, "Line"
19305, "Staggered"
19306, "Flank"
19307, "Choose Formation"

So, it’s possible that, originally, these features were tried to be implemented by the developers. It’s curious how the lines of code were not removed from the release… I even found some lines related to the Beta state of the game, and even the Gamescom edition (back in 2017, I guess), and of course legacy code lines regarding the 1997 title and its expansion, The Rise of Rome.