Daily challenges not tracking properly

I did yesterday’s challenges, which worked fine, however, today they don’t seem to work.

Not sure if the challenges are the same for everyone, but anyway, I’ve got the following (playing in German, so excuse my translation rather than 1:1 wording):

  • Play a round in any game mode.
  • Win by completing a world wonder.
  • As Rus obtain 500 bounty.
  • Add two cannon upgrades to defensive buildings.
  • Build 10 siege weapons in a round.

So I set up a 1v1 Skirmish game, me playing as Rus.
I made sure to basically fulfill all the points above, but all I got credited was the “Play a round”.
Reloading a save and replaying the last 10 minutes only got me the “No further progress” message.

Only difference is, I had to pause, save, and continue later, but that shouldn’t invalidate any progress, especially if it’s obtained after loading? I tried to do all the challenges after loading the earlier save, only built prerequisites etc. before.

I ran into the same issue, only half the time are my Daily Challenges tracking.

I had the same issue with a Team 2v2 daily. My opponents resigned, I’m not sure if that matters. All of my other dailies have behaved as expected.

Quick update from my side: Tried it once more, this time without saving, and everything worked fine. Is this some built-in hidden mechanic to prevent people from loading saves whenever they have to meet X condition? If so, it should be noted more clearly (assuming it’s noted at all).

This is still happening. Any updat? months without fixing it

Thanks, all! Save/load is still an issue for dailies, masteries and achievements. We know this isn’t ideal! The team is definitely aware.