Daily/Weekly/Monthly Missions or Tasks

While the events are great! I would love to see something implemented thats pretty much the same, but more frequent. Maybe have some kind of currency thats rewarded for completing them and a little shop to buy some character/building skins. Have the tasks range from easy to hard. Some that can be completed by pretty much anyone and then some that push you to get better. Say beat a Standard AI versus beat a Hard+ AI. Maybe even have some kind of statistic in your profile saying how many tasks you completed and a leaderboard. Thoughts welcome


I love the idea but before adding more fun features, better the game should have more detailed profile and statistics. Until now the statistics in the websites are incomplete.

If you’re gonna add a daily mission feature, the profile must have levels for progression or we go AoE 3 path but instead of home city we get “mastery”. There will be leaderboards for the best player of each civs.

Daily mission will give you “currency” for playing the same civ continuously or even better winning with that civ in a streak perhaps a 5 games win streak in both skirmish and multiplayer. More currency is earned when playing in the multiplayer.

The currency can be used to buy exclusive rewards like golden UU profiles for that civ or even some decorations around your base when using that civ.

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Sounds good. Haven’t played AoE 3. Does it have some kind of daily feature?

No but it does have some sort of progression system where you can customize the home city of your favorite civ. :smiley:

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That sounds pretty neat. Need to buy it sometime.