Daimyo must stop produce army.if we speak about reallity of the game something that dont excist

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Yeah they are so annoying and it doesn’t matter if you kill them because they can just be resurrected. People just run into or right in front of your town and rapidly build troop in blocks of 10. Or run into your eco and pump out 10 motors and then run off before you can kill them because their HP is so high.
Side note is your in game name the same as your forum name?


Maybe lets talk about german inquisitor instant spawn first…and malta teleporting…those are more broken

ÎĄes the same name i have in the game

Tbh given how hated the 10x mortaru poop from a 6k+ hp fast shipment point high damage production building is, despite nerfing japan in other ways how has the shogun 2x artillery foundry made it unnerfed this long? Its like the OG bad manners of aoe3. They nerf cossack square, instant cuir. Even 2x explore poof. Backdoor chasqui nerfed. Yet this silly thing continues. Its just so lame, balance or not poor mechanic and i dont think anyone would miss it. Can train 10x batches or maybe be shipment point etc but the cannons need to go


because of that I avoid playing big maps against Japan. It would be nice to be able to play big maps without having to worry about the daymios or the shogun.

It is curious how many civilizations receive nerfs in their army. But the Japanese army almost never gets nerfed or even gets buffs.

TBH I’d rather see the Daimyos removed entirely and their bonuses moved to techs or cards instead in some form, but that’s probably too much of a change, so just removing training for them seems good enough, though I feel they should get a hero status in return in that case so you can retrain them in the TC


well, one issue is that tokugawa is the only place you can train shinobi and yamabushi for resources. gonna have to put shinobi in the castle at the very least