Dao Hidden Cup 2v2 - Need 2 teams!


About Doctrine

We are a clan mostly playing Age2:DE (and some Worms W.M.D or Among Us). Many of us are from Europe but we also have players from all around the world always playing at different times. Our TG ratings are mostly in the 1800-2600 bracket and we play TG most of the time, but also switch it up with some DM and custom games. We’re about 30 members strong, with 100 more guests in our community. We are a tight knit group yet very accepting of new members. In fact, we’re always looking for fresh meat.

Come join our discord to get to know us and/or to join the tournament: https://discord.gg/RJkpgaS

We’ve got room for 2 more teams of 2 in the tourny.

P.S.: Our mascot and object of worship is RUMPEL THE {insert any positive adjective}

About the tournament

  • 2v2 Double elimination
  • Hidden identities (Hero unit alias, dummy accounts)
  • Starts 13th of November, ends when it ends. Flexible schedule.
  • 16 teams of 2 competing
  • Arabia = always first of round. Map picks from a custom map pool as voted in by our members
  • round-specific civ and map banning rules (see pdf on our discord)
  • main organizer and signup contact: [DAO] Motions

Hop into our discord and read the manual in #tourny-info for more info. Ask [DAO] Motions for signup.

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