Dark Age Lore

Ok so Roman Empire fell.

There was so much chaos that just 3 villagers left.

They promise among themselves to not use their hunting arrows on their human foes ever again.

They build a house with palisade around it that can train mindless clubmen.

They stare at that one person with a horse.

Nobody knows how he got the horse.

Nobody else can do it.

Why he get a horse and we get clubs.

There are mysteries that cannot be solved.

He has a sword. But clubs do more damage.

But wait what are those sheeps searching in the darkness?

Intriguing question:
Why the two new civs don’t have donkey shortage in their mills?

Western Roman Empire fell so hard that even Chinese, Persian and Eastern Roman Empires start with no more than a few villagers, a horse and a Town Center


Even the Americans on the other side of the world felt like giving a fair chance to their enemies. Everyone started a balanced skirmish.

Its a game. Dont think too hard about it