Dawn of Ages Tournament was Fun to Watch

It was enjoyable watching highly skilled AoE players battling it out in the new AoE I world. Kudos to TaToH and Saymyname making the final, with TaToH being the tournament winner.

The AoE II quality of life features added to AoE I game work well, without taking away from the unique and characteristic parts of AoE I. For example, no scout cavalry is provided at the beginning of the game, thus keeping manual scouting an important part of the game.

I look forward to the release of the DLC next week.


Yes, it was a great tournament and I hope we see more in the future!

However, a lot of games were already decided in Tool Age, I don’t know if that’s because the game isn’t figured out yet or if there are balance problems.

I imagine it’s balance problems, considering the fact that the entire competitive community in Vietnam uses the D3 rules, at least to my understanding.

RoR has some balance changes in Tool Age.

Also there is a reason why the D3 game mode exists. It limits you to 1 military unit one player clicks up to Bronze Age.

Yes, I know, but there must be some other solution to make it easier to get to Bronze Age+ more often.

Empire Wars.
I have seen that was added to RoR but I haven’t seen any of the content creators try it out.

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Empire Wars on AoE 1 seems interesting. I want to see how will it turn out to be with the faster pacing of AoE 1

The only downside of the D3 mode is that you’ve only got two maps to choose from: Highlands and Hill County.

Yes, it seemed that unless the location was easy to wall off, or the Citadel map, many games were decided in the Tool age. Most of the time, the players on open maps preferred to build a forward military buildings to apply pressure and pump out Tool age units rather than spend the resources to get to Bronze. However, when one player did get to Bronze, that put a lot of pressure on the other player. I was hoping that in a couple of more games, the players emphasized a fast Bronze, but I only recall that happening once. Anyway, what a great tournament.

There are many topics were players asks to nerf walling and defensive structure in aoe2 games now we can see, where this might lead - lot of games may end in that case in Feudal Age. I am not sure thats what we want.

I think only way to prevent, that so many games will end in Tool Age is, if Tool Age TC can fire back. I personally wouldn’t mind if there would be some sort of tech, which gives Bronze Age TC ability to fire arrows when garrisoned.

That’s a good idea. Maybe also to start with more stone, as the commentators said that players were reluctant to use towers early, because they needed the stone for defensive walls. The players also found that walls built with houses were not as strong as houses in AoE 2. Finally, there are no palisade walls in AoE i.

I was thinking maybe they should add palisade type wall which has 100HP, and 2 pierce armor and costs 5 wood (small wall has 200 HP and 3 pierce armor). Not sure should it be Tool Age or Stone Age building and would you need to research it before you can make it.

The main different is really come down to palisade wall. It’s much easier to gather wood and walling with palisade wall compare to stone wall in the 2nd age.

Also, in AoE 1 you have the slinger which is a decent units to spam and happen to be very good against wall and towers in 2nd age. The devs should remove that bonus from the Slinger and make them cost something else instead of stone.

Overall, AoE 1 will need a lot of rebalancing to bring it up to modern standard.

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Instead making Axeman better vs cavalry they should add Spearman for example with 40-45 HP, 4 attack, no armor and +8 vs cavalry (cost perhaps 35-40 food and 15 wood) and remove axeman anti cav bonus, which they added in RoR.

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I do hope Vietnamese aoe1 pros switch to RoR in future tournament. There are a lot of great players over there and if they decide to switch, the game will become even healthier with more competitors.

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The game really could need a few more units and a few more upgrades to existing ones.
The Camel Riders are so strange for example.


Which part especially? The armor not looking like it fits at all? The fact that he could barely reach anything with the sword? The lack of a saddle? The lack of reigns or any other means of controlling the camel? That strange camel is the most absurd unit ever.


I have a feeling they will add bunch of new stuff in future updates, such as upgrades to some units.

The original model at least has reins, in the new one the dude is just sitting on the camel somehow.

New guy woke up to the sounds of war around him after a heavy night of drinking and decided to grab what ever he could and get on the closest ananimal to flee.