Dawn of Ages Tournament was Fun to Watch

The visuals are one issue (looks pretty Iron for a Bronze Age unit) but also the fact that they become useless in Iron Age.
They barely win against Cavalry in Bronze Age and cost the same resources.
The unit really needs an Imperial Age version and it just generally needs better stats.
Could be a good anti chariot unit.

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I think TCs should cost also 50 stone, it would make spamming them little bit harder.

I looked at the Camel Rider and it’s pretty bad-looking. I have no idea what they were thinking.

Please, no. Stone is very limited in this game. Increasing the wood if needed but giving them stone cost is too much.

I mean, Stone in AoE 1 is mainly used for Towers (150 normal or 90 for Romans) and for Slingers (10) as well as some techs, so adding a little stone cost to TCs won’t hurt.