Dawn of the Dukes Campaign

So I just finished the new campaigns and must say that these were the best yet. The storytelling is very good and well done, combining all 3 stories (especially first two which make sense). Big thank You. It is worth its price. Cheers!


Which is the best? In gameplay and fun?
And what have the best history topic?
(i mean i am from Czechia so i cant be objective. 11)
I will start next week, cant wait.

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All 3 have some nice gameplay mechanics. I suggest starting from the Lithuania campaign as the story is told through it. Cant spoil more :slight_smile:

FYI, Campaign Achievements are bugged for Jadwiga & Jan Žižka.

The third Jadwiga mission is such a pain.

True, that also happened when the aoe 2 DE came out, then they fixed them.

This campaigns are extremely good! I mean, all the details, the little easter egg of Michelle, the stories coming together, in last mission of Ziszka there were the camps that you destroyed in the other mission. The storytelling is excellent. Every DLC they make is better than the other, and Lords of the West was also a really good DLC.

A lot of new mechanics make this extremely fun to play. Just compare this campaigns with the classic ones like Joan of Arc… those are a pain in the ■■■ to play.

Congrats to the devs! Keep doing that amazing job, and we are waiting for more coop maps.


Has anyone managed to get all secondary objectives for Jadwiga 6 Grunwald? I think that a big part is gold mining, capturing relics & stone mining for the gold trickle. If you can Treb both castles in either fortress simultaneously, that could also save you some time.

I think they had wrongly assigned the difficulty for Jadwiga & Jan Zizka. No doubt that Jadwiga require skill, plan and multi tasking to complete the mission objective compare to the Jan Zizka which you have time to grow and mass troop to charge, Jadwiga shall be 3 swords while Jan Zizka 2 swords

can anyone tell me the playorder of the campaign scenarios which i can follow sequentially to get historical account of the events?

I really like the map design of the Polish campaign especially the last two.

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From the easier to hardest, start with kestutis and finish with Jan ziszka

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Just finished all 3 campaigns. Algirdas & Kestutis (Olgierd i Kiesztut) was easiest, Jadwiga was fun & challenging at times (specifically 4 & 6) & Jan Zizka was really good at showing the innovation of the Hussites.

I REALLY liked the day/night effect of Map Lighting for Jadwiga 4. Maybe some other, similar missions could implement it? (e.g. Hautevilles 4, Longshanks 2, Saladin 6)

I was also very close to getting all secondary objectives (on easy) for the first part of Jadwiga 6. I just didn’t manage to protect my Trebuchets & the last castle stood at half HP. I also forgot to collect relics, so that would’ve helped too.

2 things that got me about Grunwald:

  1. How come there are no references to Bogurodzica, Gaude Mater Polonia & Vytautas’ cry of Lietuva in Jadwiga 6? Easily some of those lines in Jan Zizka 2 could be imported there too.

  2. Why is King Wladyslaw Jagiello only referred to as such for his unit sprite in Jan Zizka 2 and throughout the Jadwiga Campaign he is always Jogaila? By the time of Jadwiga Missions 2-4 & 6 he was Christianised to become King of Poland and took the name Jagiello (as explained in the slides).

+1 more: Modern Names are applied to Lwow and the Galician towns in Jadwiga 2, but Marienburg isn’t called Malbork. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I don’t know if it’s a bug, but I won the pitched Battle of Grunwald (finale of Jadwiga 6) without being able to kill von Jungingen. I was trying to get to him with the Elite Obuch (like in Matejko’s painting!), but I got the You are Victorious screen before that happened?

I’ve seen some people saying jadwiga 4 is difficult.

I guess it would be hard but the designer of this scenario made a mistake. Walls and towers may be expensive. Bombard towers are not tho…and if you just spam bombard towers behind the gates it is pretty easy^^

This should be fixed.

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Matko Boska!

It’s possible to “cheese” Jadwiga 4 (Siege of Vilnius) by defeating the Teutonic Raiders & building up in their camp before your defence of the siege starts. You can convert all the starting units at the gate, except for the Crusader knights & there are 4 lame AI crossbows & pikemen at the starting barracks & archery ranges. The only thing you have to do is keep the orange trebs alive to not trigger the defence. You can build a monastery & convert all the Teutonic Raiders’ pavilions to get pop space to get a monk to pick up the relic & generate gold & you can even convert villagers to pick up resources.

I ended up building 30+ bombard towers & the Teutons only took one gate!

If you do decide to start the siege: you can convert both trebs with Jadwiga & the relic monk. I get Jadwiga to convert the one nearest to the Guard Tower to soak up the arrow fire.