Dawn of the Dukes release date?

August is 10 days away.
Why is there no release date?
Why hasn’t there been any information about civs?


I understand that issues happen internally with development but some communication would be nice.

This was like 3 weeks ago and there hasn’t been any mention of DotD since then.
Me and a few other people I know have not preordered DotD or the AOE4+DotD deal because we were waiting some information of what exactly was going to be included in the DLC.


Certainly a good question, I would like to know the date too or at least more information about the bonuses and special units…


You can’t actually pre-order the DotD on Steam yet, just the AoE4 which includes the DotD DLC

I’m dying to get new information on the DLC, anything

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Same here. 14 14 14 14 14 14 14

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You’re right.
I actually never noticed.

So, they put DotD on the steam store, mention it’s coming out in a couple of months, say that you can preorder AOE4 to get DotD, BUT you can’t preorder DotD by itself a week before the month it’s meant to release.
That is so strange to me.

more like 3 - 4 days.

I want Bohemians now


End of August mostly.

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On a side note, would be nice to have some info on the release date for the Co-op campaigns as well :slight_smile:

give us the Poles already


Most likely. This is the last week of July. Any DotD info should come by the second week of August the latest.

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Maybe after release DLC for AoE III (02.08) they will show more about DotD? I very hope so…


I hope some new info this week. We’ll see


Hopefully never. Awful cashcrab DLC

Sad but true
Hope the best for the new DLC

rofl no. their ading some of most importent strongest euro civs