Daymio and army at treaty games

I think the biggest injustice in the game is that daymios produce armies and mainly mortals which are broken. try to follow the history of civ as much as you can but nowhere does it say that daymios can produce armies. it is unfair for you to try to build barracks and the other one with Japan only with daymio to produce your army. Or to go after you and with a daymio to destroy everything for you. please look at this topic especially in treaties

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No, +10% damage for japanese artillery was totally needed. Morutarus are the worse mortars in the game and they needed a buff /s

it even says damage, but it actually buffs hp

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Historically Daimyos were lords and had their own armies so abstractly kinda did produce their own army.

Personally, I think they should only be able to produce armies when in the vicinity of nearby owned/friendly buildings.