DC mechanics


Ok let me try to explain this simply…

i use my mobile phone for internet. I use the hotspot option…

Sometimes it disconnects for 45 seconds and then i reconnects.

However… if you lose connection for a solid 15+ seconds. You get booted from the game.

Even though i am not active, my villagers are still farming what ever…

If i come back 45 seconds later there is a chance no game making play has been taken.

sort it please.


There’s been quite a few requests for a reconnect option if someone disconnects say give them 3-5 mins to reconnect before booting them

I 100% support this it’s def needed, I sometimes play in my car (police officer) and sometimes it’ll drop unexpectedly and I’m out however long I’ve invested in the game

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In a lot of games I used to play there was something like a solid 60 seconds to reconnect, or else that’s just how long other players were willing to wait for you. I think that’s pretty reasonable. 5 minutes would be really stretching it.

There could always be a voting window for giving somebody more time to reconnect.

I’ve seen other games that allowed up to 5 mins, ik it sounds like a lot but considering most age of empires games last 30+ mins it wouldn’t feel like that long

Also sometimes people’s whole PCs crash, etc etc, I’m just thinking to give them enough time to reboot and relaunch the game.

Also considering if they don’t reconnect the entire game is basically wasted, therefore all the time you’ve already spent on it, maybe it’s just me but I’d rather wait a sec for them to reconnect than for the rest of their teammates to quit if they dont.


Well, if the game has gone on around 40 minutes and still isn’t decided, then I’d be willing to wait a little longer than usual.