DCL extension


Maybe it’s early. The beta version has not started yet. And I’m wondering how much do you think AoE 4 gets in total DCL extensions.

And what do you think will be in each expansion?

My personal opinion:
A new DCL extension will be added to the game every six months.
It will contain 1 new campaign + 2 new nations.
There will be a total of 3 or 4 extensions!

The total number of nations will stabilize at a maximum of 16.
It won’t be more. I’m sure of that.

Come have fun on this topic before the Beta test begins.


Why would it stop at 16 just curious

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The full game will feature 8 nations!
Developers have always said that they no longer want as many nations as in AoE 2.
In AoE 4, very different nations with different mechanics want …
And I think 16 nations is such a high number …
An example is the Mongols … I think the developers will surprise us with even better mechanics from other nations.
I have one tip … for another nation that will be cool

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First see the reception of the base game before hoping for more stuff.


First of all, let’s see if AoE IV is a real success (would be strange if not, but well). After that, and considering the timeline, I’m 100% sure there will be New World conquest-themed civs like aztecs, inca and spanish, but most probably that would mean an expansion-size DLC… and considering how easy would be to make little DLCs with single civ packs and grab the easy money, I’m not sure how would that fit together.

Multi-civ thematic big DLCs, or single-civ little ones?

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I would love for them to include DLC’s about the two great empires of America, the Incas and the Aztecs, and it would be almost necessary to include African civilizations, such as the empire of Mali.

The playable civilizations in Age of Empires II started with 13 civilizations. Currently, there are 37 civilizations in total.

Depending on the prereqs I think it should probably end up at more or less the same amount.

If that is the case we could be getting quite a lot of expansions and if every release has a good campaign and story this could become a long-term investment game getting content updates, like seasons.

It could also be that they are combining geographical locations civilisations and as you upgrade/build landmarks you will choose the cultural direction. This will make the individual civilisations more diverse and we could be only getting one or two when a lot of content/replayability. Combining the 37 civilizations in total I think with the 8 starting civilisations we will receive.

Very interesting to think about, thanks. Too much to type out. :smile: