DE crashes on startup when automatically downloading mods

After trying to install a mod, DE crashes on startup when it tries to download it before I can unsubscribe.
If I delete the mod or the mod folder the game just tries downloading it again. If I delete the mod folder and take the computer offline it will load and play the game single player.
I have uninstalled both DE and Steam and manually deleted any remnant folders I could find.
Any suggestions as to how to stop the game from trying to download the mods would be appreciated. Are there any registry entries that I would have to delete maybe?
Thank you for your time.

You could try to launch the game and disconnect your network cable. They should add startup option for this like /disablemods, maybe it’s there already for Steam users. For MS Store users this has to be handled differently, you can’t change the startup options there, only reset the games settings which would not help against this bug probably anyway.

Follow instructions here to disable and remove mods (if you can get there by disconnecting network).