DE Home City cards that pre DE Civs should get

There are a handful of cards/techs in the game that are strange to me in that they are only available to one or two factions newer. There are two that I have in mind. The first is Sweden’s ability to make mercenary units a permanent recruitment option with home city cards. For some of the older Civs that came before DE, they should be able to recruit mercenary units permanently through a similar card if the unit is from their country historically ; IE Highlanders for English & Fusiliers for French. My other suggestion is giving the Incan home city card “American Allies” to some of the other Native American civilizations, or at the very least the Aztec, as they too were a large “empire” of multiple cultures & identities. It’s a bit wonky to me that the Inca can ally with & recruit Zapotec on any map, while the Aztec cannot, even though historically the Aztec were very, very close to the Zapotec geographically compared to the Incan Empire. Please let me know what is thought of my suggestion!