DE keeps crashing

i have the same problem since the last update… and no solutions

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So I wasn’t able to work on it yesterday but today I updated the Microsoft C++ redistributables and tried running it again with the 16gb installed. Still didn’t work. I tried reducing the number of CPU cores as well and I got an error that the CPU was below minimum specifications but I continued anyway. I didn’t even try to see if the game would crash because the framerate was too low (35 fps) to be playable imo. My next test will switch out the CPU with mine to confirm that it is a CPU issue.


They just close the topic, and lett us to ask support. What support?? support for this game dont exist

I contacted technical support and they told me to do the same tests I have already done without solving any problems. If anyone has news please update us …


I’ve done the same thing multiple times and still no answer from them yet.

22 long days

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what a joke this team is “support” smh

I tried to perform a clean installation of windows, with only the drivers and the game and it doesn’t work like that, so they must necessarily release a patch otherwise there is no solution

I did that two times already. My computer is performing even better than before the patch on other games and I can’t play trhis one in particular

23 sad days

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This work for me, is temporally solutions but the game work

I knew about that, but I wonder how long it would take to get the game back to normal…

24 days

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just imagine if a pro player ran into this problem and literally couldnt work for almost a month now

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makes me curious if its to do with foundation, building over them, and or building over corpse might be causing this at this point. hard to say.

I don’t think it is building related, I can trigger a crash without building anything in a skirmish where I have no opponent, the only action that seems linked to crash at all is moving units around, the only time it will not crash is if I leave all units standing still

Quantity of units does not seem to matter, crash will trigger with 1 unit moving just as fast as with 200 units moving as far as I can tell, and 1 unit standing still / 200 units standing still do not make a difference

If I move units around and then stop moving them before a crash occurs it will still not crash, autoscout and farming villagers do trigger a crash so it is not from clicking to order movement

you got replay for those? upload them here so dev can take a look that sound way too serious just having unit moving around

This is science level studying on the crash. It has to be something related to patching. Crashes car occur at second 1 when no one besides AI could’ve moved a unit

I was having a similar problem since the update, the thing that worked for me was to assign a higher priority for the game in task manager. Hope that works for you.

Anyone tried the new patch yet? I hear now we have the chance to test the patches before release, so if anybody have tried and can tell <3

I found a working solution (tested with my 3 of 4 friends with the same problem “random crash to desktop”), no more random crashes now. I tested all solutions around the forums(vram, islc, cpu afinity, etc), and the crash always happened. Definitive solution was force to finish the process “windows explorer”, you cannot back to desktop when you are playing and need restart the PC to use it. but you can play hours without crashes. Note: we all use 20000 max vram, aoe2de process in real time and first core disabled in afinity, but the most important is end the windows explorer, i guess. We do not want to try without this last thing that I said just so as not to lose game time but try only with the closed windows explorer, if it works only with that let me know to stop doing all that. Finally excuse my English but I wanted to share the solution that worked for us

CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE or CTRL + ALT + DEL, open task manager, click file then click new task then type explorer press intro. This should do the trick