DE Line of sight for elevated buildings/units suggest

Hey, just a random suggestion that I thought might be beneficial and interesting to the game. When a Unit or building is on an amount of elevation, they should receive an increase to LoS looking down the hill, and a decrease of LoS looking up that same hill. For example:
You have a scout on a on elevation 2, of an elevation 3 hill… the scout would see normal for all tiles that are also on elevation 2, and an increase sight radius of +1 tile for all tiles on elevation 1, while also having a sight radius decrease of -1 for any tile on elevation 3.
For balance purposes I don’t think it would be good to have anymore or less of an increase, or decrease based on the numbers of tiles of elevation. For example:
Your scout looking from elevation 1 at a hill of elevation 7, should only have it’s sight reduced by 1… not 7. Conversely, looking down from a hill of 7 should not increase your sight by 7, just 1.

Just a thought. do with it as you will!!!

Light Waves Forever


If this also affects range, then it might make units/buildings with ranged attack overpowered.