De-synchronization of match participants?

This is happening a lot lately. Ruining so many matches. Is this problem on my end or the server?

Hi @ZdsAlpha , I experienced 3 de-synchronization games on 4 vs 4 yesterday. it probably one of the participants have a bad internet connection… (probably wrong… It is just my understanding regarding the de-sync)

it’s annoying if it is in the half or late of the game, especially when you will win :smile:

I hope in the future there is a feature like in other ages games to benchmark their PC/Internet before you can participate in rank multiplayer games. we only do this at once, and the systems will ask you to benchmark if the game detects new connection/pc specs.

Note: Regarding the de-sync games, I have reported the error logs to age support with warnings.log file

you can do this as well for sure…


if commander cao was in your game you now know a new exploit.

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Its not only him but many many more doing drop-hack

Can you explain? What exploit?

Its done mostly by our beloved part of community - By players from China. They use some external cheat program which leada into no-result games. This is why they hide their match history (this feature was done by some super smart person btw.) So u could not see their epic w,w,w, no result,no result, win win win, no result etc. Session

WOW, if that is the true, at least I have reported it to the support.