Deadline to reestablish crossplay

Hello. Like many others, I bought the game exclusively to play with old friends.
We already own the 2013 version, which works pretty well on Voobly.

Some of them bought the game with gamepass, from the MS store, and most of US bought from Steam. And before trying, we thought we would have a very fun time playing the game together.

Our lives are not so simple as when age2 first launched. We are all very busy and we cleared our schedule this weekend for a age2 reunion.
However, since november 15th, it is not possible for us to play together. When will crossplay be reestablished?

Can you give us a deadline, before we start asking for refunds?

Can you ensure from now own that at least on weekends the game will be working minimally?


Having the same problem :confused: Someone said it might be a windows store patch version difference

I’m having the same issue right now. Steam is not able to crossplay with Microsoft Store version owners of the game. It also seems that the online multiplayer server lobby is working 90% of 50% of the time in regards of being able to actually find a game. Same with Ranked mode. I guess this is why you wait a month to buy a game nowadays, even if the game is like 100 years old.

I’m aware that the crossplay isn’t happening because of the MS Store is slow.
The reasons why I’m confused are:

  1. Why call “crossplay” if you are playing the SAME game, in the SAME platform.
  2. Why MS Store is taking so long to perform the update?
  3. Will it always be like this?

So, aparently Steam users and Microsoft store users have a different version of the game. We are suposed to get an update from MS but it never comes. So disapointed.

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Feels like they are trying to promote Steam instead of their own store :joy: Always late to get update.


I wanted the Xbox achievements so went that way, but yeah this is a surprising situation, especially with how they went all in with AoE:DE on the Store. Of course their updates for that were also incredibly slow, but that’s a different story.

idk about reestablishing ive been playing from steam witha friend on ms store for a while now.